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LApm9 posted this 24 October 2022. I had a puzzling experience with my .45-70 reduced loads today and would appreciate any analysis of the situation that you may be able to offer. The bullet vendor offered a table of loads supposedly supplied by Lyman. The bullet is said to be Lyman #457130 (150 gr.)..

More on reloading for 45-70. With most modern, shouldered cartridges, especially small bore (under .325 caliber is my definition), appreciable velocity gains can be achieved with small, incremental changes in powder charge. For fat, heavy bullets like 405 gr and heavier in 45-70, you might only see 15-20 fps gain in velocity in 1 grain increments.Low bulky density and superior ignition characteristics make 5744 an excellent choice for reduced loads in many rifle calibers and in large capacity black powder cartridges such as the 45-70 through 45-120 and 50-90 through 50-120. Made in Canada. Powder Valley is your #1 source for all Accurate Smokeless Powder and reloading componentsWelcome to the Ron Spomer Outdoors Podcast! In this episode, I answer a question about 45-70 for short distances.Now ya gotta remember, the 45-70 was initial...

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At around 50 grains per shot that's about 140 cartridges, loaded per pound of powder. At $65 bucks a pound, that works out to about a dime more per shot, than the $40 bucks a pound stuff. The accuracy of Reloader 7, seems worth that bit more money but, quite a few powders do well in a 45-70 case.Black-powder, big-bore rifles are (left to right): a modern Winchester Model 1886 .45-70, original Winchester 1886 .45-90 and an original Marlin Model 1881 .45-70. Back in the heyday of black-powder cartridges – say, from 1865 to 1895 – in order to make rifles hit harder, there were two options: make the calibers bigger or make the ...Unique is the best reduced loads in any of my 45-70 great powder it's worth seeking out its that good.

Aug 11, 2014 · 522 posts · Joined 2013. #9 · Aug 12, 2014. i've loaded and shot a LOT of trail boss .45-70 cast boolit loads for 350, 405, 500 and 535 grains. the load formula is easy - start with 70% of the total tb powder that fits into the case with the bullet yer using - this is important as the bullet seat depth determines the powder volume in a 2.10 ...Even IMR 4320 is to slow for optimal loads, particularly with barrels 26" or shorter. For a 300 grain bullet I use the following load which would be equally suited to your H&R: Marlin 1895 45-70 22" barrel. 300 grain Sierra (2.525" COAL), Hornady (2.55" COAL) or Speer (2.53" COAL) Winchester brass, 2.1" trim, if necessary.This extruded rod powder is amongst the more popular choices for those who reload their own .45-70 Gov’t. Earlier, we had read from Hornady's Book of Reloading that for our 250-grain MonoFlex bullet and VihtaVouri N-130 combination, we were looking at a minimum powder charge of 45.3 grains and a maximum of 53.4 grains.The .45-70 Mike has written about most recently in Handloader magazine is the Shiloh Model 1877. The cast HPs mentioned above came from Lyman mould 457122, weighing 336 grains of 1:20 tin-to-lead alloy. I learned that those bullets over 68 grains of GOEX FFg black powder were fine for small Texas whitetails.I found it more accurate at 100 to 200 yards than the common "collar button" lightweight .45-70 bullets. If you have a .45 mold which casts larger than .457" in soft alloy, when loaded with a fast-burning pistol or shotgun powder such as Bullseye, TiteGroup, 700-X, Trail Boss, Red Dot, it should do OK if relatively heavy, 250 grains or more.

2049 posts · Joined 2005. #3 · Feb 13, 2009. Well, here is the "deal" with the OAL. Hornady states that the OAL should be 2.590. However, they also state that the brass should be trimmed to a length of 2.040. Well, the SAMI spec calls for the 45-70 brass to be 2.105. That puts the Hornady brass at .065 (sixty five thousands) shorter than the ....45-70 Government (Trapdoor Rifles) (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 94 loads. Using bullets from Cast LFP, Sierra HP. Powders include Hodgdon, IMRIn the .45-70 pistol powders like BlueDot have many advantages, but they are still fast burning propellants and pressures build more quickly than with rifle powders. This is not the powder for high velocity loads, and the reloader should regard BlueDot (and Unique, etc.) as a low velocity, high pressure propellant. ….

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Designed in 1873 for use in the single shot “Trapdoor” Springfield, the original .45-70 Government cartridge loading fired a 405-grain bullet propelled by a powder charge of 70 grains of black powder in a copper case. This original black powder load pushed a cast lead bullet at a velocity of about 1350 feet per second. With more than 1600 ...1943 posts · Joined 2001. #2 · Jan 19, 2001. Seems you and I are working the same side of the street, using RL-7 in a 45-70. I'm working with a 445 GC grain Lyman cast bullet with this powder. I started at 40 grains and jumped in two grain increments to 48. Mainly I wanted to get used to the rifle with this first go around.

It will serve as a reduced-load powder choice in the aforementioned big-bore cartridges and is an optimum choice in those larger black-powder cartridges, such as the .45-70 Government and the .45-110 and .45-120. It also serves many of the lever-gun cartridges, such as the .30-30 Winchester, .35 Remington, .348 Winchester and .358 Winchester.CBA Member. joeb33050 posted this 13 April 2012. 45-70 People have been shooting 12-14 grains of Unique with bullets from 300 (457191) to 500 (457125) grains made out of about anything that will melt, for ~75 years. Some use TP or Dacron or kapok or cotton or ?? very small/light wads atop the powder.

sks tar Jun 9, 2020 · H335 is an excellent powder and is my "go to" powder for my 52-55 gr jacketed bullet 223/5.56 loads along with 125 - 150 gr jacketed bullets in the 30-30 and 308Ws.Black-powder, big-bore rifles are (left to right): a modern Winchester Model 1886 .45-70, original Winchester 1886 .45-90 and an original Marlin Model 1881 .45-70. Back in the heyday of black-powder cartridges - say, from 1865 to 1895 - in order to make rifles hit harder, there were two options: make the calibers bigger or make the ... quiz 11 1 area of plane figuressks drkhwab 45-70 Government Loads | 45-70 Applications by M. L. McPherson, Tue, September 15, 2015 ... use of smokeless powder for greater energy. Military developments included the 45-56-405, carbine loading and 45-70-500, rifle loading, both the conventional round nose and a bullet with an explosive charge in the nose (for use in the Gatling Gun). ... barby njd 657. I have have an good, low pressure, accurate load using 26 grains of IMR SR4759 under a plain base 405 grain bullet for an average velocity of 1,301 fps at around 75 degrees. At around 38 degrees, the velocity drops to an average of 1,248 fps, but it is still very accurate. 09-10-2013, 01:16 PM #17. KirkD.USE THIS DATA WITH ALLIANT BRAND POWDERS ONLY. REDUCE RIFLE AND HANDGUN CHARGE WEIGHTS BY 10% TO ESTABLISH A STARTING LOAD. DO NOT EXCEED THE LOADS DISPLAYED ON THE SITE OR ALLIANT'S RELOADERS GUIDE. By clicking the link below, I understand and will agree to abide by the above precautions. Enter the Guide. kelliepercent27s doggie country resortskys daghfunciones de super mario bros. la pelicula Just an FYI ---Just tried Hodgdon's mid-range load for 45-70 with 405g bullet in original Springfield trapdoor. MV was 1020 (average of 5 shots) compared to 1370 from Pinnacle loads, and bench-rest groupings at 100 yards were modest (15"-18" and to the right) compared to results from Pinnacle (8"-10" groupings and pretty much dead on). … salary at trader joe 6,099. Blackpowder loads are pretty simple 70 grs of 2f with just about whatever bullet you choose. For the triple 7 and Pyrodex, you should probably refer to Hogdons on those substitute powders. Long range rules, the rest drool. 07-19-2014, 01:24 PM #3. BruceB.A. aalmcc4. 31 posts · Joined 2006. #5 · Dec 27, 2009. If loads with 1680 in the 45-70 is not listed by Accurate in their manuals, there must be a good reason. Burning speed is not the only criteria you should look at in picking powder. Nice medium loads in the 45-70 with cast bullets can be had with Reloader 7, and Accurate 5744. sks mqadfylm thran tabwfdyw sks 13 Sept 2022 ... Reloading 45-70 Govt with Classic Lee Loader. · New series part 2 loading 45 70 from start to finish for my new Marlin 1895 guide lever gun · HARD&nb...Description. 45-70 Government 405 grain RNFP. This is our favorite 45/70 for light-recoil plinking. This load was developed with the 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield in mind, but is a great option for any rifle (or revolver) chambered in 45/70. These projectiles are cast from a softer alloy that is ideal for the lower pressure and velocity of a proper Trapdoor load.